Givi E340N Top Box

To enrich the MONOLOCK range we created the new case E340N. Its new clear lines are the result of extensive design research.

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To enrich the MONOLOCK range we created the new case E340N. Its new clear lines are the result of extensive design research.
Thanks to the highly tested MONOLOCK system it is possible to obtain the opening/detaching of the case with a single key.
It is ideal for small capacity scooters.
It is also available with an optional rear backrest.
This system, formerly developed to be used on scooters and maxi-scooters, adds LIGHTNESS and COMPACTNESS to the already popular MONOKEY® main characteristics, that is being easy to operate and solid.
These boxes comes with a universal base plate, some additional brackets might be needed CLICK HERE for fitment guides for your bike.

-Water tightness
The importance of this feature for a motorcycle case is clear to all motorcyclists. In order to obtain it, a high rigidity of the structural profiles of both the lid and the bottom shell is essential. These should not only fit in the most natural way, but also maintain their form in the most diverse and  severe conditions: The larger the dimensions of the  case are, the more difficult this is to achieve.
The study of the materials and of the tolerances of the different components is therefore imperative in order to limit to the highest degree the expansion that occurs with temperature variations and atmospheric pressure changes (such as exposure to sunlight in summer or to rigorous climate and bad weather)
The care in assembling, that is done without the drilling of any  holes in the external surfaces of the case, and the seals placed in the recess designed specifically in the top shell, are of paramount importance in the general water tightness of the case, above all when it used as a side pannier.

-Power Profile
GIVI has been applying technology known as ‘gas injection’ for its production for some time: during the injection of the plastic material in the mould, by means of special nozzles, nitrogen is injected so that a  pressurized cavity is created, which runs along the whole profile of both the bottom and the top shell. In this way a high structural rigidity is obtained, and consequently sturdiness, resistance and water tightness this also reducing the overall weight of the case, since the thickness of the supporting structure has been reduced.

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